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Essence of Mizunara Oak

Shirin embodies the beauty of a premium junmai daiginjo and the majesty of an oak with an intriguing elegance unique in the world of sake. Sake Hundred begins this union with Yamadanishiki, known as “the king of sake rice”, polished to 18% for a junmai daiginjo of pronounced clarity of flavor. It is then stored in Mizunara oak barrels from Hokkaido, a magical forested region known for its natural environs and rural charm. These oak barrels imbue the sake with a forest-like aroma and multidimensional character unlike any other to create an exciting new sake experience. 

Product Details:

  • Rice: 100% Hyogo Prefecture Yamada Nishiki
  • Polish: 18%
  • ABV: 15.6%
  • SMV: -5.0
  • Acidity: 1.7
  • Amino Acid Value: 0.7
  • Number of Pasteurizations: 1
  • Volume: 720ml

Shirin is meant to be explored, revealing layers of aroma and flavor. Bold and tart in the mouth, a smooth and creamy mouthfeel unfolds, mingling with smoky notes from the Mizunara oak cask, intriguing bitter notes, and hints of minerality. The flavors are nuanced and superbly balanced for a truly novel experience.

At first, the aroma brings notes of fresh fruits, followed by earthy botanicals. Aerated, there’s a creaminess that melds with the oaken barrel’s smoky, toasty character.

Shirin is smooth and creamy on the tongue, with a lively tartness that expands and lingers.

An elegant fragrance and notes of bitter almond finish with a lingering tartness that balances the panoply of flavors.

The subtle oakiness and intriguing balance of flavors make this the perfect sake to pair with more robust dishes like oven-roasted meats.

Junmai & The Oak
Made with Hyogo Yamadanishiki, “the king of sake rice”, polished to 18%, Shirin is a junmai daiginjo of impeccable clarity and quality. Shirin also owes its unique clarity and flavor to the meltwater from Japan’s famed Gassan Mountain, which sees some of the heaviest snowfall in the country. Soft and clear, the meltwater is ideal for sake making. Once produced, Shirin is then stored in Mizunara Oak barrels from Hokkaido for about two weeks. The Mizunara oak, one of the rarest and most expensive oaks in the world, is widely acknowledged as a luxurious and superior wood for aging. It is sought after by whiskey makers and sake brewers alike for its its porosity, which imparts more flavor and it’s complexity, which adds notes of coconut, sandalwood, and spice. At day three to four, the delicate Shirin takes on a strong flavor from the oak, which then becomes more nuanced and by day five or six brings on flavors that surprise even the brewers themselves. Taking on a character unlike any other, the forest-like aromas and flavors create a dignified multi-dimensional sake with a creamy smooth and silky texture.



The Ou jiman Brewery in Yamagata Japan was founded in 1724. For 300-years, this brewery has embraced traditional techniques and evolved with new innovations as they continue to excite the next generation of Sake enthusiasts.

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