It has come to our attention that SAKE HUNDRED is being sold on unaffiliated third-party websites, in countries where SAKE HUNDRED is not officially on sale, and through other unauthorized sales channels at inflated prices exceeding our standard retail price.

As part of our rigorous quality control policy, we strive to deliver SAKE HUNDRED to our customers in peak condition. For this reason, we only sell SAKE HUNDRED via our own website or through selected domestic and overseas partners.

Furthermore, we insist that SAKE HUNDRED is sold only at a fair price. For the aforementioned reasons, we prohibit the unauthorized resale of SAKE HUNDRED.
Please note that we will not accept liability for any problems related to product quality, safety or any other issues that may arise when SAKE HUNDRED is purchased from an unauthorized retailer, e-commerce website, online marketplace or other unaffiliated vendor. We also cannot accept any returns or provide replacements for resold goods.

Please note that we can only deliver purchases made on our official website to locations inside Japan. Overseas, SAKE HUNDRED is currently available from our local distributors in Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK exclusively. Please click here to make a purchase.