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A Sake of Impeccable Taste & Polish

Created to illuminate your celebrations, shared moments, and toasts with lightness and joy, Byakko Bespoke, is an artisanal sake of unparalleled quality and clarity. With a unique flavor profile balancing sweet, tart, and umami, Byakko Bespoke is an ultra-refined sake that redefines a luxury sake experience.  This sake is ideal for gifting or enjoying together with cherished friends.

Product Details:

  • Rice: 100% Hyogo Yamadanishiki
  • Polish: 18%
  • ABV: 15.7%
  • SMV: -2
  • Acidity: 1.4
  • Amino Acid Value: 0.8
  • Number of Pasteurizations: 1
  • Volume: 720ml

The color of Byakko Bespoke is clear and crystalline, with a subtle gold shimmer when held to light. The aroma is a sophisticated nuance of herbs, white pear, and peach. The taste, a silky, smooth and rounded mouthfeel that expands into a gentle tartness, followed by a pleasant alcohol bite that gives way to an intriguing bitter finish to complete the experience.

For an elegant presentation of flavors and aromas, Byakko Bespoke is best enjoyed chilled at 41-50°F (5-10℃°.)

Fresh and forward, Byakko Bespoke features an aroma of white peach, pear, and apple nuanced with herbs. Aerated, the aroma presents as dense and pleasantly creamy.

The mouthfeel is silky and rounded, imparting a gradual sensation of increasing fullness.

An expanding but gentle tartness evolves into a pleasing bitterness with umami notes.

Byakko Bespoke pairs well with most dishes but really shines with umami-packed seafood and shellfish as well as roasted white meats and tart sauces.

An 18% polishing ratio brings elegant flavor:
Byakko Bespoke’s rice is painstakingly polished to just 18%, a nearly unheard-of ratio in the sake world, resulting in a sake of unparalleled quality, clarity with a delicate flavor profile. The polishing process requires upward of 200 hours of meticulous polishing of the rice, imparting Byakko Bespoke with the clearest, most uncomplicated of flavors that bring a sweetness and rich umami from the polished heart of the rice.

The king of sake rice bestows powerful umami:
Cultivated primarily in Hyogo Prefecture, Yamadanishiki rice, is a highly coveted crop considered “the King of Sake Rice”. The rice brings with it a balance of sweet, tart and a pronounced umami, reflected here in Byakko Bespoke’s quality and balance of flavor.

The greatest quality comes from the best water
Byakko Bespoke is made from natural water taken from Mt. Chokai in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. This ultra-soft water helps bring the unparalleled quality and clarity of flavor Byakko Bespoke is known for.



Tatenokawa Inc. was founded in 1832 in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture. In 2008, the 6th generation president of the brewery made the unprecedented decision to shift production exclusively to junmai daiginjo, the premier cru of sake. The highly trained brewers at Tatenokawa polish the rice to ratios below 50%, making them one of the only breweries in the world to do so, and world renowned for the quality of the sake produced there.

Pursuing Perfection: The Tireless Effort Behind SAKE HUNDRED’s Byakko Bespoke

Byakko Bespoke is coveted for its unparalleled clarity and its herbaceous aroma that additionally recalls fruits like white peach and pears and brings a creamy, sophisticated mouthfeel. It’s prized for its wholly new balance of sweet, tart, and umami that challenges notions of sake potential. It is as close to sake perfection as current technology and human experience can achieve.

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