Pure Indulgence: A Luxurious Sake Experience

A Bottle of Unforgettable Moments:
An Extraordinary Sake Gift for Special Occasions

As the holidays approach, we are all thinking about special occasions, being with friends and family and, of course, that includes eating, drinking and gifting. We’ve all shared or gifted a special bottle of whiskey or wine but this year calls for something different, something extraordinary. We think that something is sake- not just any sake, but the exquisite Sake Hundred that is only recently available in the United States.

Sake Hundred’s Unparalleled Production

Already recognized as an iconic luxury sake in Japan, Sake Hundred brings the greatest sake available to the market by working closely with Japan’s most inspiring breweries.

Among Sake Hundred’s portfolio products are its flagship Byakko Bespoke which with an 18% polish rate, reveals delicate nuanced flavors that will delight sake afficionados and newcomers alike. The seimai buai rice polish ratio stands at an astonishing 18%, achievable only through careful and time-consuming methods that require over 200 hours of labor. This 18% polish ratio is practically unheard-of in the sake world and hard to achieve so many brewers balk at the difficulty. Sake Hundred’s brewing partner, however, chose to rise to the challenge.

Seimai buai represents the percentage of rice remaining after polishing away the husk of the grain, removing impurities, and bringing forward rich flavor and unadulterated aroma. Because this process removes most of each rice grain’s impurities it leaves behind only the best and most flavorful components and a smooth creaminess.

In addition to rice polishing, Byakko Bespoke achieves its unparalleled quality through difficult and meticulous brewing techniques requiring extensive experience and skill.

This know-how and commitment to the highest quality product makes Byakko Bespoke the ideal sake that has yet to be replicated.

Award Winning & Rare

Since its market debut in Japan in 2018, this young brand has earned numerous awards at some of the world’s most prestigious drink competitions.

Because of its award-winning status and unique attributes, consumers have been eager to try all of the Sake Hundred products. It has been served at exclusive private events and was chosen as the toast drink for heads of state and visiting dignitaries at the G20 Leaders Summit conference events. However, scoring a bottle of Sake Hundred is not easy. Only a few of Japan’s most renowned hotels and restaurants have the privilege of offering this one-of-a-kind sake and in the United states it is only available for purchase online. In 2023 Sake Hundred will select a few restaurants in key cities to carry their products. One of the products will never be widely available. Sake Hundred’s Gengai is a limited release with a global allotment of only a few hundred bottles a year and when it is gone, it will never be available again.

Featured at Select Top Global Restaurants

The Michelin Guide 3-star Japanese restaurant Ryugin has earned Michelin stars for ten consecutive years and is a mainstay on the “Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants” list. Ryugin is one of a handful of restaurants in Tokyo with the privilege to serve Byakko Bespoke.

Ryugin is headed by legendary chef Seiji Yamamoto, who has this to say about Byakko Bespoke’s fabulous’ flavors:

"Byakko Bespoke is well structured with subtle flavors that elegantly unfold across the palate, with a long and pleasingly finish.”

“Byakko Bespoke’s full, rich flavor profile means that it can be enjoyed both chilled and served at room temperature,” Yamamoto concludes.

Don’t Be Afraid to Explore Sake Food Pairings in the Same Way You Would Wine

Byakko Bespoke is perfect for food pairings.

With its balanced flavors, graceful clarity and a rich balance of sweet, tart, and umami, Byakko Bespoke’s flavors pair well with many different styles of dishes.

As you may expect, Byakko Bespoke is an excellent choice for Japanese food and other seafood dishes. It truly shines with shrimp, oysters and other shellfish.

But what may surprise you is that it also pairs extraordinarily well with rich meats such as roast pork and bold sauces such as Béarnaise or tomato sauce. This makes it a refreshing new choice to serve with Italian food, French Cuisine, and even fried seafood. The way that different facets of Byakko Bespoke’s flavor profile come forward depending on the pairing is another exciting distinction that sets it apart.

Because of its many expressions, the Sake Hundred portfolio can also easily accompany a multi-course meal from Byakko Bespoke with appetizers and salad to Sake Hundred’s velvety dessert sake, Amairo, paired with your after dinner sweet.

This balance and ability to pair so readily with dishes are what has earned Byakko Bespoke high praise from Japan’s chefs and sommeliers and has intrigued Americans who are more familiar with wine.

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